A Guide to Care and Maintenance of Your Luxury Vinyl Tile Floor

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Luxury vinyl tiles are known for easy cleaning. It makes it a popular addition to the areas of your home where spillages and stains are common. Here is a guide to care for and maintain the flooring, so that it remains elegant.

Cleaning of Vinyl Flooring

The vinyl flooring will require a regular brush and mop to clean it. To remove loose debris, sweep with a soft brush or vacuum the floor. You can wash the floor weekly to get rid of stains. Do not soak the floor, instead use a damp cloth or well wrung out mop to clean the surface. The stains in places like the kitchen may get difficult to clean than the others. To remove them you may use hot water with mild detergent. Make sure the chemical cleaning agents used are suitable for luxury vinyl tiles. Gently rub the surface so that you don’t damage the surface of tiles.

Maintenance Tips For Vinyl Flooring

Place doormats at all entries of your home to catch the moisture and dirt so that it won’t spread to your floor. Use large ones at your main doors. These mats need to be cleaned regularly. Prevent sunlight ingress using curtains, blinds, or even external canopy as too much exposure may cause tiles to fade. If possible, remove liquid spills, grease or food stains immediately to maintain the finish of the luxury vinyl tiles. If done promptly, the cleaning will require only a damp cloth and cleaning liquid to take out the grease. Take care while you are at the job as the cleaning chemicals can make the floor slippery.

Repair Your Flooring

You can use epoxy resin to repair your vinyl floor in case of scratches or cracks. Epoxy resin is a liquid that can be used for hard filling as it dries out. Get the perfect match colour from the acrylic artist’s paint and mix it with epoxy resin. Fill the scratch or hole with the mix and level it out. Remove all excess and leave it to dry.

Prevention of Damage

Heavy traffic and dirt can cause scratches and scuffs to your luxury vinyl tiles. The walk-off mats can prevent dirt, debris and weather-related moisture from outside. Use floor castors at the bottom of tables and chairs. Frequent sliding of chairs can cause the tiles to become worn.  Do not drag furniture along the floor.

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