Bamboo – A Gift from China

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Historically, bamboo has its earliest use recorded in China around 5,000 years ago. Bamboo is truly versatile in nature. Considered as a symbol of longevity and good fortune, this humble plant has been used to make several amazing products – paper, bows, arrows, cutlery, crockery baskets, hats, shoes, fuel, swords and even works of art. It is no doubt then why it’s found its way in flooring as well. Bamboo flooring makes an excellent substitute to hardwood flooring.  Read on to know more about its pros, cons and how to care for them.

Bamboo versus Hardwood Flooring

According to Janka Hardness Test, bamboo is harder than most hardwoods. Therefore in comparison, bamboo flooring is more durable and resistant to scratches. They are also termite resistant and more affordable.  Coming from the grass family, bamboo plant takes approximately 3 to 5 years to reach full maturity, which is far less compared to hard wood trees which can take even 20 years or more.  On the con side, there are more species of trees to choose from in hardwood. Choices in hardwood flooring are also more due to the way they are cut which produces different levels of grain consistency. As bamboo doesn’t take too long to mature, it definitely makes a more eco-friendly option. Knowing their differences will help you to make a good choice for your home and family.

Care and Maintenance

Just because it is harder, bamboo flooring cannot be left to take care of itself and like hardwood flooring, they too require to be treated with care. Use doormats in order to avoid dirt and grime from being carried indoors. Vacuum or sweep the floor on a regular basis to take away dirt, sand and grit. Do not wet mop as standing water can even cause permanent damage. If it is absolutely necessary, then wring the mop thoroughly to prevent any excess water to come onto the floors. Shield areas exposed to excessive sunlight by using curtains and blinds. In case of pets, keep their nails trimmed so as to avoid excessive scratching on the floors. In short, follow manufacturer’s manual to make your bamboo flooring last longer.

The Final Verdict

Although it may seem a lot, the joys of walking on bamboo knowing that you are doing your bit to conserve the environment will far outweigh the trouble you take to care for them.

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