Choices galore when it comes to stone flooring

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Dark stone flooring is a timeless and classic look that cannot be matched. This kind of flooring is an all-time favorite with people who love stone floors. But did you know that almost every kind of stone is available in a dark option? When you decide to choose, you will be making a choice based on the textures, shades and most importantly the cost of the stone. There are plenty of options for you to choose from.


This is the most popular of the dark stone flooring options, and with good reason – it is the cheapest option available. Having said that, slate also comes in a variety of very interesting textures and it does very well for floors that tend to be more wet than dry. That doesn’t mean that you cannot use it in your drawing room. If you like the look, go for it!


Granite makes for an interesting option especially for those who love patterns. The tiny mineral specks in granite can make for some very interesting patterns when it comes to dark stone flooring. Granite is available in a wide range of colors and shades. Greys, olive greens, and purples are some of the darker shades available in granite.


If you are looking for that uber luxurious look and you have someone to maintain it, marble is the obvious choice for your dark stone flooring. Marble the world over is synonymous with luxury and it too is available in a wide range of colors ranging from white / off-white to richer and darker greens and blacks. Marble flooring needs care and a big purchase budget. Make sure you have this in place before you decide.


Limestone is another very interesting option for dark stone flooring. Many people aren’t aware of this, but limestone is available in rarer shades like greys and dark browns. To make it even more interesting, limestone is also available in a wide variety of textures, some even with fossil imprints in them. The cost of a limestone flooring, much like marble and granite can swing both ways – it can be economical or expensive depending on what you choose.

Choosing a stone flooring can be an overwhelming task, so before you set out to make your choice, it is always a good idea to have a fix on your budget and maybe some idea of the kind of colors that you are ok with. Without these, there will be way too many options for you to consider.

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