Experience the Comfort of Nature in Your Home with Pebble Flooring

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A day out in the beach with the pebbles under your feet and the waters washing over your legs is a memory not easily forgotten. Collecting shells and well-rounded pebbles from the beach is something most of us have indulged in. Companies supplying flooring materials have now attempted to duplicate that experience by providing pebble flooring that can be laid in different parts of your home. You can even lay it inside your home with the help of pebble stone tiles.  The subtle bumpiness interspersed with smooth surfaces will give your room some character and a lot of rustic appeal.

Anti-Slip Tiles

Having pebble flooring in your home will connect you to nature. Pebble tiles are ideal for bathrooms and shower rooms.  In the bathroom, the pebble flooring could have an elevated finish in the areas of walking or a flat finish in high moisture areas to prevent water from settling in the gaps.  The smooth rounded surfaces will give you a greater grip. This is especially important if you have older people and little children living in your house. Pebble tiles used for pebble flooring are also known as river rock tiles. They are formed by mesh mounting them in an interlocked pattern to produce seamless pebble floors. The pebbles may be oval-shaped, round, or triangular with colours ranging from black to beige.

Pebble Flooring Inside and Out

Pebble flooring is used to form reflexology footpaths. Walking on them gives your foot a massage and stimulates neurological reflexes and acupressure points. Walking on them or standing on them also helps to reduce soreness and pain. Pebble flooring is increasingly being used in kitchens and bars and sometimes even as feature walls. They are suitable both for the indoors and the outdoors in the walkways and driveways. They are able to withstand heavy foot traffic and moisture and heat wherever they are placed.

Exotic Metallic Flooring in Your Home

An exotic effect can be created when you use metallic flooring in your home. The exotic effect is created by the metallic powder moving through the epoxy to create a lava flow effect or a pearlescent design. Metallic floors also come in pale tones with slightly raised steel effect fragments. This provides a subtlety and versatility to metallic floors by combining pales tones with raised steel effect fragments. Metallic flooring tiles also come with a raised galvanised steel look which can be quite striking. They are quite tactile too and the strip used between tiles is made of metallic silver.

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