Innovative Products Being Introduced by The Flooring Industry

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Thanks to technological advancements, the flooring industry has been able to bring new innovative products into the market.  These new floorings, besides being affordable, look very stylish, they are durable, and easy to maintain.  The introduction of luxury vinyl tiles has taken the market by storm and more and more homeowners are choosing to use LVTs when they want new flooring.  LVTs with newer and more stylish features are being introduced and being used in luxury hotels, in colleges, and hospitals.  They are quite versatile too and can be used creatively by homeowners in any room in their house.

How Are LVTs Made?

The top layer of the luxury vinyl tile is made up of aluminium which is responsible for making it scratch and scuff proof.  The second layer is a clear film layer which protects it from tears and rips.  The third layer consists of a very realistic print of stone or wood and is called the design layer.  The thickness of the vinyl tile is provided by the last layer, which is made of PVC.  This layer is flexible and it is water proof.  There is also a backing layer that is provided to prevent the growth of mildew and mould.

Beautiful Floors for Your Home

Luxury vinyl tiles are available in different textures, patterns, and designs.  There are some that look like hardwood floors and natural stone floors.  Consumers love it because they can have floors that have all the appeal of hardwood or natural stone floors without paying as much.  They are water proof and can even be used in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.  There is a protective layer on the surface of the tile which makes it ideal for use in high traffic areas.  This layer protects the tiles from stains, dents, and scuffs.  Changing your flooring is an expensive proposition and consumers are always on the lookout for durable options.

Clean Floors in A Jiffy

Luxury vinyl tiles are easy to maintain which is another reason for its popularity.  Just sweeping and mopping it will leave it clean and sparkling.  You are saved the expense of waxing, polishing, and refinishing which is required for more natural floors.  Walking on LVTs does not create any noise and so it is perfect for office or hospital settings.  LVTs keep you cool in the summer and warm during the winter and can be used in countries all over the world irrespective of the climate.

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