What are the types of floorings that you should consider for your house?

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Flooring is a permanent covering with a finish material to render a walking structure. It is an essential part of home décor and is a long-term commitment. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the flooring you choose is in sync with your interiors. Amongst the infinite options available, it is essential to choose the right flooring for your house. Some flooring options that have been popular amongst a majority of people are metallic flooring, marble flooring and pebble flooring. Read on to know more about some of the most sought-after flooring options.

Metallic flooring: a durable flooring solution

From the time of its introduction, metallic flooring has been considered a durable flooring solution. Metallic flooring is designed with a variety of techniques. One such technique is the use of metallic, glitter-like pigments in an epoxy resin. It catches the light rays and gives an elegant shine to your floor. You can avail it in a variety of designs and patterns depending on the tone of your décor. Some unique designs include lightning strikes, liquid metal, moon craters and lava lamps among others. Further, metallic flooring can be installed using innovative techniques. One such technique comprises of agitating the metallic pigments using a brush or a roller. The pigments are turned and twisted till they group together. Once these pigments attach with each other, they reflect light at several angles. Another technique used for this flooring solution is dragging and dispersing about the metallic pigments using solvents like denatured alcohol.

Pebble flooring: a natural flooring solution

Pebble flooring comprises of an assortment of natural stones and pebbles. It is designed to create a rustic and beach-like flooring for your décor. But this flooring is not just beautiful but is loaded with several benefits as well. It is created by tumbling the pebbles to make them smooth by using water and then mixed with either white or with grey cement. If you intend to get a raised floor then the pebble flooring can be laid down over the existing floor. This flooring solution is ideal in almost all the areas of the house form the bathrooms to the driveways. You can easily maintain pebble floors and last much longer as compared to other flooring solutions. Basic pebble designs are available in uncut or round designs while there is also a sliced or cut on top pebble designs.

Carpet flooring: a plush flooring solution

Carpet flooring, unlike pebble flooring is a modular carpet flooring solution. The tiles are usually glued to the floor however some may prefer it being stapled or nailed instead. The designs are majorly available in checkers and mosaic patterns but you can always mix and match the patterns according to the tone of your interiors.

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