Why Should You Choose Pebble Flooring?

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Flooring is an integral part of every house, but unfortunately, flooring solutions often stay limited to monotonous designs. When designing a structure, this important aspect is often ignored, even though it can make a world of difference to the aesthetics of the space. Today, you can enjoy modern options such as pond-style pebble flooring and metallic designs. These varieties can give your interiors a chic look.

Trendy options

Traditionally, pebble flooring was often reserved for outdoor use. However, with interior designers exploring trendy ideas, pebble flooring has now become a favourite! This option can be included in any area of the house. You can pick round or oval pebbles in shades ranging from beige to black. Whether you pick a round river rock design or classic flat style, your interiors will definitely have a trendy appeal. Metallic flooring is another option that you can pick for a contemporary interior look. This versatile option is custom-made according to the ambience and the colour combinations of your home. Further, epoxy solutions poured on the floors shield them against stains, grease and moisture, thereby increasing their longevity.

Easy installation

Flooring is a tedious process but pebble flooring can save you time and energy. Normally, flooring is installed in three simple steps; mixing, levelling and curing. Once you have confirmed the design, the concrete is mixed and the pebbles are added to it. This mixture is then poured and smoothened. The pebbles are levelled and pushed into the concrete with the help of a lumber. Finally, the epoxy is poured and the floor is allowed to cure based on the raw materials used. This process does not require long labour hours of cutting tiles and provides a cleaner flooring finish.

Health matters

Pebble flooring is one of the most natural and healthy flooring options that you could pick. The rocks are designed to provide an acupressure massage by stimulating the pressure points of your foot. Your designs can be custom-made to create reflexology footpaths including those that create neurological reflexes. Simply standing on these floors for specific durations of time can relieve you of soreness and foot aches. You can even have a spa-like experience by simply walking bare-foot on these floors! Apart from this, these flooring options are water resistant and prevent accidents due to wet floors. You can use metallic flooring solutions to prevent backsplashes and maintain a firm grip while walking around.

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