A guide to choosing the right flooring option

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A room is only as good as its floor. Not only because a strong floor is what makes a room usable, but also because an unfinished floor wrecks the entire ambience of the room. It is equally important to ensure that the right flooring option is chosen for the space.  The various flooring options available in the market include pebble flooring, metallic flooring, granite flooring, marble flooring, mosaic flooring, etc. Each of these flooring options have their own advantages and disadvantages and must be carefully chosen based on the following parameters.

What is the budget of the flooring project?

The budget is obviously a deciding factor in choosing flooring options. In fact, the first factor that is considered is the budget, because it helps limit one’s choices. However, budgetary restrictions should never come in the way of a beautiful home or office space. This can be achieved by option for metallic flooring which is pocket friendly and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Metallic flooring renders an air of sophistication to the space and this is especially appropriate for a workspace. They are known to give a the floor the appearance of depth making it suitable choice for low ceiling rooms so that it appears more “roomy”.

What is the expected moisture content?

The moisture content of a space is dependent on the purpose for which the space is used and the moisture content in the atmosphere. Take the bathroom for instance, it is room where a high moisture content is expected. Such a room should have a flooring option that ensures that the people using the room do not slip and fall. The flooring chosen should also not absorb moisture, because that could lead to a damp and stinky floor. Some flooring options like wood for instance, could also get damaged upon prolonged exposure to high moisture. Pebble flooring is the customer favorite when it comes to flooring a space where a high moisture content is expected. This is because the texture ensures that the people using the floor have a good grip and the ridges in between the pebbles helps water drain out easily.

What is the purpose of the space? The purpose for which a space is to be used should be considered when choosing a flooring option for the room. Different flooring options work for different rooms, for the interiors and the exteriors of a house. Pebble flooring is a favorite option when it comes to exterior garden spaces because of its earthy look and feel. Whereas, metallic flooring is the most preferred for office spaces and rooms as it is more formal and sophisticated in its appearance.

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