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Be it homes or commercial space, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) have taken their place with versatile styles and designs. It can be used as an alternative to tiles or hardwood. LVT’s ability to replicate the looks and character of wood or any other flooring materials makes it a popular choice. Here are some benefits of luxury vinyl flooring for your space.

LVT: It is Durable

Luxury vinyl tiles are extremely durable and built to last. As the tiles are waterproof, they can be installed anywhere, dry or wet areas. It would be an ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens, basements, laundry rooms, etc. Other than water, it can withstand mould, moisture, mildew, scratches, scuffs, stains or even flames. You can keep it in excellent condition with simple tricks. Protect them using rugs or mats in high traffic areas. You can place protective felt under heavy furniture, or use sliders when you move them.

LVT: It is Easy to Clean

Low maintenance is one of the major advantages of luxury vinyl tiles. The protective wear layer and trendy print design make it possible that you will not need to polish or wax the floor. A quick sweeping with a broom or vacuum or a damp mop a day can keep your floor without any dirt or debris. If you wish deep clean them occasionally, use warm water mixed with white vinegar. The floor is resilient to chemical cleaners.  If you are using commercial cleaners, make sure they are safe for LVT. Avoid harsh cleaners like bleach or ammonia on your floor.

LVT: Get Innovative Designs

With the impeccable standard of design, texture and finish, even an expert eye cannot differentiate luxury vinyl tiles from hardwood or tiled flooring. Choose from a huge range of unique styles, and create your own designs and patterns. You will have choices of contemporary styles or striking colours and bold configurations depending on your taste. Mixing up the shapes and colours to create stylish designs will surely attract admiration from your friends.

LVT: Warmth and Sound Insulation

Unlike other tile or wooden flooring, luxury vinyl tiles offer warmth underfoot. The thickness of tiles adds a cushioned effect. The LVT flooring usually comes with a core structure covered with a paper-print film that has the desired pattern.  A clear wear layer adds to its protection, giving the flooring a texture of embossing. As the thickness of flooring increases, the sound gets subdued.

Pebble flooring is the most modern and chic innovation in the world of flooring designs. This flooring gives a natural your home stone mosaic appeal. The mesh interlocked patterns lend a rustic feel to your floors. You can avail several pebbled flooring options like round and cut pebble flooring or sliced pebbles to get a levelled floor. Another popular design is standing pebble tiles. The pebbles are cut into half and the flat bottomed ends are placed towards the ground. Thus, the pebbles used in this flooring contain larger tiles to provide better balance. Read on to know why you should switch to pebble flooring!

They have higher health benefits

Pebble and metallic flooring are designed to massage the acupressure points in your feet and your neurological reflexes. The pebbles are made smoother to create a reflexology path and to create better balance and a relaxing effect. Reduced soreness and pain is just one of the many health benefits of this flooring solution. Grouted or cemented metallic and pebble floorings prohibit water logging thereby, preventing damage to the floor.

They are sturdier by design

These floors prove ideal for areas that have higher foot traffic. Metallic and pebble floorings use tough materials that render a sturdier design and longevity to your floors. Its high compressive strength does not allow the pebbles to break or crack even after regular wear and tear. Furthermore, this flooring solution maintains its colour and appearance for a longer duration as compared to other floorings. It has versatile and unique patterns that make it a great pick for interior and exterior looks. Oftentimes, you can even customize the colour patterns and textures to match the overall appearance of your home. These tiles can last you for several years with little maintenance and effort.

They are weather and slip-resistant

Using pebble or metallic flooring in your bathrooms will prevent the risk of accidents caused due to slipping. The rugged texture of these floors creates an anti-slip surface and allow better foot grip. Moreover, the pebbles in this flooring design are water-resistant and thus, beneficial for backsplashes. Pebble flooring is also preferred for its weather resistance as they are ideal for hot and frosty weather. Colder climates do not affect the durability of these pebbles. Similarly, you can enjoy their coolness during summers. You can also cover these stones with a hot cloth to ensure a cosy walk during chilly winter evenings!

Flooring is a permanent covering with a finish material to render a walking structure. It is an essential part of home décor and is a long-term commitment. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the flooring you choose is in sync with your interiors. Amongst the infinite options available, it is essential to choose the right flooring for your house. Some flooring options that have been popular amongst a majority of people are metallic flooring, marble flooring and pebble flooring. Read on to know more about some of the most sought-after flooring options.

Metallic flooring: a durable flooring solution

From the time of its introduction, metallic flooring has been considered a durable flooring solution. Metallic flooring is designed with a variety of techniques. One such technique is the use of metallic, glitter-like pigments in an epoxy resin. It catches the light rays and gives an elegant shine to your floor. You can avail it in a variety of designs and patterns depending on the tone of your décor. Some unique designs include lightning strikes, liquid metal, moon craters and lava lamps among others. Further, metallic flooring can be installed using innovative techniques. One such technique comprises of agitating the metallic pigments using a brush or a roller. The pigments are turned and twisted till they group together. Once these pigments attach with each other, they reflect light at several angles. Another technique used for this flooring solution is dragging and dispersing about the metallic pigments using solvents like denatured alcohol.

Pebble flooring: a natural flooring solution

Pebble flooring comprises of an assortment of natural stones and pebbles. It is designed to create a rustic and beach-like flooring for your décor. But this flooring is not just beautiful but is loaded with several benefits as well. It is created by tumbling the pebbles to make them smooth by using water and then mixed with either white or with grey cement. If you intend to get a raised floor then the pebble flooring can be laid down over the existing floor. This flooring solution is ideal in almost all the areas of the house form the bathrooms to the driveways. You can easily maintain pebble floors and last much longer as compared to other flooring solutions. Basic pebble designs are available in uncut or round designs while there is also a sliced or cut on top pebble designs.

Carpet flooring: a plush flooring solution

Carpet flooring, unlike pebble flooring is a modular carpet flooring solution. The tiles are usually glued to the floor however some may prefer it being stapled or nailed instead. The designs are majorly available in checkers and mosaic patterns but you can always mix and match the patterns according to the tone of your interiors.

Vinyl flooring is the best choice for areas where moisture and stain resistance is a concern such as a kitchen, basements, laundry rooms, bathrooms, etc. You may feel that standard vinyl is prone to gouging and tearing and feel hard underfoot. Luxury vinyl tiles are a new form of vinyl to eliminate the disadvantages of standard vinyl. Read on to know more about luxury vinyl flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles: What is It?

Luxury vinyl tiles are laid out individually. It is made in multi-ply with wear layers and an increased thickness which gives it a semi-rigid nature. There are six to eight layers to add elegance, strength and rigidity. A top-coat layer is added so that the tiles shine. Further, a design layer with printed images contributes to its beauty which is protected by a wear layer. The cushion layer of foam makes the tiles comfortable to walk on. Usually, the tiles are designed to look like real stone or wood, but it has more practical merits compared to natural materials.

Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles provide a realistic appearance as far as imitating the look of stone or ceramic tile or wood. The material has excellent resistant to water which makes it a good choice for wet cations like kitchen, bathrooms, etc. The tiles tolerate normal heat like direct exposure to sunlight. Being resistant to scratching and scuffing, luxury vinyl flooring is durable and offers dimensional stability and flexibility. The tiles can be easily lifted and replaced and therefore it won’t be difficult for you to update the style of your floor. Moreover, you can breathe easy as these types of flooring do not emit any kind of volatile organic compounds (VOC)and do not affect the indoor air quality.

Installation and Maintenance

The installation of luxury vinyl tiles is easy as they are done with a click-clock system. The edges of the tiles are interlocked by this. There is no necessity of gluing them as they float on the subfloor. However, some types of vinyl offer a glue-down option in specific circumstances. To maintain the floors, you may need to sweep it each day. Damp mopping can be done with warm water and mild soap. They do not require any sealers or waxes, and these chemicals can wear down the shiny layer.

The variety of luxury vinyl tiles can be mixed and matched to create a unique style of yours. Enjoy the flooring with boundless creativity.

Luxury vinyl tiles are known for easy cleaning. It makes it a popular addition to the areas of your home where spillages and stains are common. Here is a guide to care for and maintain the flooring, so that it remains elegant.

Cleaning of Vinyl Flooring

The vinyl flooring will require a regular brush and mop to clean it. To remove loose debris, sweep with a soft brush or vacuum the floor. You can wash the floor weekly to get rid of stains. Do not soak the floor, instead use a damp cloth or well wrung out mop to clean the surface. The stains in places like the kitchen may get difficult to clean than the others. To remove them you may use hot water with mild detergent. Make sure the chemical cleaning agents used are suitable for luxury vinyl tiles. Gently rub the surface so that you don’t damage the surface of tiles.

Maintenance Tips For Vinyl Flooring

Place doormats at all entries of your home to catch the moisture and dirt so that it won’t spread to your floor. Use large ones at your main doors. These mats need to be cleaned regularly. Prevent sunlight ingress using curtains, blinds, or even external canopy as too much exposure may cause tiles to fade. If possible, remove liquid spills, grease or food stains immediately to maintain the finish of the luxury vinyl tiles. If done promptly, the cleaning will require only a damp cloth and cleaning liquid to take out the grease. Take care while you are at the job as the cleaning chemicals can make the floor slippery.

Repair Your Flooring

You can use epoxy resin to repair your vinyl floor in case of scratches or cracks. Epoxy resin is a liquid that can be used for hard filling as it dries out. Get the perfect match colour from the acrylic artist’s paint and mix it with epoxy resin. Fill the scratch or hole with the mix and level it out. Remove all excess and leave it to dry.

Prevention of Damage

Heavy traffic and dirt can cause scratches and scuffs to your luxury vinyl tiles. The walk-off mats can prevent dirt, debris and weather-related moisture from outside. Use floor castors at the bottom of tables and chairs. Frequent sliding of chairs can cause the tiles to become worn.  Do not drag furniture along the floor.

The perfect blend of subtle bumps and smoothness, the feeling of closeness to nature, who wouldn’t want to experience that? If you are planning to renovate your space, here is all you need to know about unique options like pebble flooring and metallic flooring.

What Are Pebble Tiles

Pebble flooring uses a form of natural stone mosaic to bring a bumpy feeling. It can be used for both walls and floors, as the design suits you. You have various options to choose from. The basic variety comes uncut and round. A second type involves sliced tiles, so that they lie completely flat and levelled. The variations will be available in both polished and unpolished forms.

Benefits of Pebble Flooring

The natural vibe it gives to your space is the unique highlight of pebble flooring. If you choose to design your bathrooms with it, you can go for either smooth or slightly elevated pebbles to get the rugged finish. You will get a massaging effect by just walking over it. Flat finish is advised for very wet areas, as there are chances of water settling in the gaps. Additionally, the rugged texture helps you to have a firm grip on the floor. These tiles are water-resistant which makes them an ideal choice for walls.

Maintenance of Pebble Flooring

The maintenance of pebble flooring is relatively easy. You need to scrub the floor at least once a week to remove residues of body oil, shampoo and soap, and plain dirt. There are chances for mould and mildew to feed on it. Ensure the shower area is dried quickly as possible. Keep the door or shower curtain open for a while to help quick drying.

Metallic Flooring

Metallic flooring is another unique option for your floor. Generally designed for high-traffic areas, you may use these designs in your bathroom, dining room, kitchen, or living room. Moisture-proof and easy to clean, they give an excellent choice for your space. Put them to good use as they can brighten up a dark area. They are available in a variety of patterns, colours, finishes and sizes, as suitable to the purpose of your room.

Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic epoxy flooring gives a glass-like finish, with its unique and subtle reflective sparkle. Two metallic floorings will never look the same. With the use of epoxy, you can bring out the custom style. Additionally, they are extremely durable, slip resistant, anti-microbial and seamless. It is a perfect match for your performance needs.

Thanks to technological advancements, the flooring industry has been able to bring new innovative products into the market.  These new floorings, besides being affordable, look very stylish, they are durable, and easy to maintain.  The introduction of luxury vinyl tiles has taken the market by storm and more and more homeowners are choosing to use LVTs when they want new flooring.  LVTs with newer and more stylish features are being introduced and being used in luxury hotels, in colleges, and hospitals.  They are quite versatile too and can be used creatively by homeowners in any room in their house.

How Are LVTs Made?

The top layer of the luxury vinyl tile is made up of aluminium which is responsible for making it scratch and scuff proof.  The second layer is a clear film layer which protects it from tears and rips.  The third layer consists of a very realistic print of stone or wood and is called the design layer.  The thickness of the vinyl tile is provided by the last layer, which is made of PVC.  This layer is flexible and it is water proof.  There is also a backing layer that is provided to prevent the growth of mildew and mould.

Beautiful Floors for Your Home

Luxury vinyl tiles are available in different textures, patterns, and designs.  There are some that look like hardwood floors and natural stone floors.  Consumers love it because they can have floors that have all the appeal of hardwood or natural stone floors without paying as much.  They are water proof and can even be used in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.  There is a protective layer on the surface of the tile which makes it ideal for use in high traffic areas.  This layer protects the tiles from stains, dents, and scuffs.  Changing your flooring is an expensive proposition and consumers are always on the lookout for durable options.

Clean Floors in A Jiffy

Luxury vinyl tiles are easy to maintain which is another reason for its popularity.  Just sweeping and mopping it will leave it clean and sparkling.  You are saved the expense of waxing, polishing, and refinishing which is required for more natural floors.  Walking on LVTs does not create any noise and so it is perfect for office or hospital settings.  LVTs keep you cool in the summer and warm during the winter and can be used in countries all over the world irrespective of the climate.

Pebble flooring also termed as metallic flooring consists of an epoxy pebble flooring system with epoxy stone concrete. It resurfaces coating that is used as an epoxy concrete overlay system. It includes specially formulated UV epoxy and decorative pebbles and marbles that is coated over the existing flooring. You can apply this flooring to almost all types of surfaces including hard and soft surfaces. The coating is ideal for indoors and outdoors alike. You can get it in multiple colours and several colour combinations. Read on to know how professionals carry out pebble flooring.

First step- Power washing or grinding

Power washing is carried out in two different methods based on the type of your concrete. Power washing or pressure washing is carried out to remove paint, grime, mud and chewing gum sticking to the floor. It can be conducted on buildings and on vehicles as the mechanical pressure is ideal for such surfaces. The process is carried out by using a pressure washing surface cleaner. It rapidly cleans the surfaces by creating a uniform pattern. Grinding on the other hand is carried out if your floors are unevenly casted. It ensures that your pebble flooring gets a smooth and shiny finish.

Second step- Filling cracks

The next step conducted for metallic flooring is filling the evident cracks on your floor with a heavy duty caulking that’s water proof. It is a sealant gun that is built with thick steel catch metallic plate to enhance its longevity. Its powerful thrust ratio helps with easy dispensing while the rotating cradle on it provides flexibility and even application throughout the flooring. Some professionals also resort to removing the previous flooring by grinding it. However, this is only when the floors are bound with epoxy chemicals and needs to be redone completely.

Third step- Apply coating and seal

Once the cracks are filled, the forms will be set on the outer edges. A distinct form of adhesion is then applied to prime the concrete. Pebble flooring requires a mandatory coating of epoxy for a smooth finish. Thus, it is important to hire a professional concrete finisher for the job. This coating needs to dry for at least 10 hours before the flooring is sealed. After the coating dries up, the professional will cut joint lines throughout the surface and apply the finishing coat. This coat is a special UV epoxy that enhances the lifespan of your flooring.

One of the hazards of modern flooring is it becomes slippery when wet.  This is very dangerous in bathrooms and kitchens especially if you have older people living with you.  It is also not safe for you as you could slip and fall and hurt yourself badly.  If you are living alone, this could be especially dangerous.  That is why you should look for slip-resistant options for flooring in common areas such as pebble flooring.

Need for Non-Slippery Floors in Common Areas

Non slippery floors are also required in areas that are likely to get wet with rain or snow and could be hazardous to walkers.  Floors are usually slip resistant when they are dry; it is only when they get wet that it becomes dangerous.  When granite or marble are polished and used as flooring, they can be extremely slippery.  Slip resistant floors such as pebble flooring has grit surfaces which give it the traction that is required and rough, hard edges which prevent falls.  Anti-slip floor coating is another way to provide traction and provide an anti-slip surface.  Likewise, treatments applied to floor surfaces especially in public areas are very useful in preventing tripping.

What Is Pebble Flooring?

Pebble flooring is a combination of smooth surfaces with subtle bumpiness which gives it its anti-slip properties.  Pebble tiles are also known as river rock tiles.  The pebbles are sorted by size and colour and then used to make seamless pebble floors.  Pebble tiles are made by 3 methods.  Uncut and round natural pebbles are used to make tiles.  You can also use sliced pebbles so that they lie flat and level on the floor.  The third option uses larger pebbles that are stacked together with the sliced surface on the bottom and the rounded surface on top.  The biggest advantage of pebble flooring is its anti-slip and water-resistant properties.  Standing on a pebbled floor helps to reduce soreness and pain.

Beautiful Anti-Slip Metallic Floors

You can get metallic flooring in really beautiful designs that will cause your visitors to stand and gape.  They are very functional though and easy to maintain.  It is popularly used in showrooms if you want to accentuate your presence and products.  Although they may look slippery, they are actually quite firm and is an excellent option if you need anti-slip options.  Adding topcoats can add to the grip of the metallic flooring.  Metallic flooring is hygienic too and perfect for use in industrial kitchens and other places where hygiene is essential.

There have been constant innovations and developments in the flooring industry.  New flooring ideas such as luxury vinyl tiles help to make your space more comfortable and easier to maintain.  Some of the new flooring ideas also create beautiful spaces in your home.  When you are surrounded by beautiful spaces, it naturally uplifts you and increases your wellbeing which is very important in these days of the pandemic.

Affordable and Durable Flooring

Luxury vinyl tiles are an alternative to stone and wooden flooring.  It is able to mimic the look of stone or wood while being more affordable and therefore more popular.  They are also very resilient to wear and tear and are hard wearing.  Luxury vinyl tiles are scratch resistant with waterproof surfaces which add to its popularity.  It is also easy to maintain, much easier than wooden flooring or stone flooring, and they are very durable.  Investing in flooring is a big expense which is why you will definitely want something that is durable, that you will not have to change in a hurry.

Realistic Looking Tiles

Innovation has ensured that luxury vinyl tiles are available with different effects such as ceramic tiles in addition to wood and stone.  The wooden looking LVTs are very realistic with grain patterns and the different colours of natural wood.  The stone mimicking tiles also look very like slate tiles or other natural stones used for flooring.  These tiles are available in different sizes and widths to suit the décor of your room or the requirement of your flooring.

Flexible and Strong

Luxury vinyl tiles are made by compressing together different layers that ultimately result in a durable, waterproof tile of very high quality.  These tiles have at least 5 layers which ensures the floor are flexible and thin while at the same time being really strong.  It is the top layer which is given the protective transparent coating which makes these tiles scratch and stain proof.

Qualities of LVT

The authenticity of the tile comes from the second design layer which has a high-definition photograph of very good quality.  The realistic appearance is a result of this technology.  The remaining layers consist of fibre glass sheets which stabilise the tile.  There are also core layers which are impact resistant and backing layers which are moisture resistant and ensure the tiles do not warp or get disfigured over years of use.  The luxury vinyl tiles are also fitted with an interlocking click fitting system which makes it easy to install.