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In this day and age, concrete flooring, as you might know, comes in a variety of styles. Metallic and pebble flooring are the most common options among the nearly infinite choices. Because of its unique look and colour combinations, metallic flooring is a common concrete floor finish. Pebbled flooring, on the other hand, has a mix of subtle bumpiness and smooth surfaces, giving them a rustic charm and a lot of character. Let’s take a deeper look into these floor tiles so that you can choose what suits you the best.

What are pebble tiles and metallic tiles?

Pebble Tiles, also called River rock tiles, are a form of natural stone mosaic. They are normally mesh-mounted in a proprietary interlocked pattern for a smooth pebble floor. The pebbles are quarried from the source site and sorted by scale, thickness, and colour. They are commonly found on islands, mountains, and riverbanks. Metallic floors, on the other hand, have 100% solid coatings and a specially formulated epoxy with a pearlescent pigment.

Benefits of pebble floor tiles

These tiles exude simplicity and offer the room a natural feel. Apart from their visual appeal, they also have some other benefits. Showers with pebble-tiled floors have an anti-slip surface, which is a plus. The slightly rough texture aids in gaining a strong grip on the floor and avoids slipping. Moreover, these pebbles are often water-resistant, making them ideal for backsplashes or walls, where they provide a sense of consistency and flow.

Benefits of Metallic Flooring Tiles

A metallic finish can give your floor a smooth, glass-like appearance with reflective sparkle. No two floors will ever be the same because there are so many choices. To the naked eye, a finished metallic epoxy floor appears almost three-dimensional. In addition, Metallic flooring is actually less expensive than decorative or stained flooring with a concrete of longevity and sustainability. Metallic flooring has very few drawbacks, and the advantages far outweigh them.

Choose brilliant gold or brass hues metallic flooring if you’re going for glam. This gleaming finish elevates the look and feel of any room. Metallic flooring is a great way to add a modern touch to your home because of its versatility. On the other hand, Pebble flooring is highly valued for its infinitely variable style and long-lasting durability. Consider your preference and use to choose the best flooring for your home.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is one of the best flooring options available since it can be mounted in so many different places easily. It is available in a variety of colours and wood styles to create spectacular materials that look and feel like real hardwood.  However, different collections have different thicknesses, subfloor specifications, and construction methods, all of which should be taken into account when determining what to use where. Let’s go through which styles of Luxury vinyl tile flooring are best for each room in your home.

Kitchens and Mudrooms

The kitchen and mudroom are the two rooms in your house that work the hardest. They not only see a lot of foot traffic on a regular basis, but they’re also susceptible to wet messes, such as food and drink spills, dirty shoes, and wet raincoats. Luxury vinyl tile comes in a wide variety of classic tile vinyl with real-wood looks, from whitewash to grey hues to rich colours. Both glue-down vinyl and floating vinyl planks are excellent options for kitchens and mudrooms, but glue-down Luxury vinyl tile is safer for high-traffic areas since the flooring is glued down to the concrete or wood subfloor.

Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, and Great Rooms

Living areas are the comfortable common area in the house that also see a lot of foot traffic. Luxury vinyl tile will be an apt choice for such areas. It comes in a range of warm and cool tones to match your design style. If you spend the majority of your time on these main floor areas, go for a colour that looks like wood that you’ll enjoy for decades. Moreover, glue-down vinyl is the best option for larger rooms since it won’t rise up from the subfloor and will remain safe.

Bathrooms, Laundry Rooms, and Basements

Although bathrooms and laundry rooms don’t get as much traffic as other rooms in the house, they face the biggest challenge of water and moisture throughout. Fortunately, Luxury vinyl tile is extremely immune to moisture, and some types are even fully waterproof. This means they won’t absorb moisture like real wood, so you won’t have to worry about them swelling or warping. In addition, bathrooms and laundry rooms will benefit from both glue-down and floating vinyl planks, therefore, the choice is yours.

Each room has its own set of challenges, so select a glue-down or click-lock vinyl that can withstand traffic and moisture. Since bathroom and kitchen remodels are costly, choose something you’ll enjoy for a long time.

A day out in the beach with the pebbles under your feet and the waters washing over your legs is a memory not easily forgotten. Collecting shells and well-rounded pebbles from the beach is something most of us have indulged in. Companies supplying flooring materials have now attempted to duplicate that experience by providing pebble flooring that can be laid in different parts of your home. You can even lay it inside your home with the help of pebble stone tiles.  The subtle bumpiness interspersed with smooth surfaces will give your room some character and a lot of rustic appeal.

Anti-Slip Tiles

Having pebble flooring in your home will connect you to nature. Pebble tiles are ideal for bathrooms and shower rooms.  In the bathroom, the pebble flooring could have an elevated finish in the areas of walking or a flat finish in high moisture areas to prevent water from settling in the gaps.  The smooth rounded surfaces will give you a greater grip. This is especially important if you have older people and little children living in your house. Pebble tiles used for pebble flooring are also known as river rock tiles. They are formed by mesh mounting them in an interlocked pattern to produce seamless pebble floors. The pebbles may be oval-shaped, round, or triangular with colours ranging from black to beige.

Pebble Flooring Inside and Out

Pebble flooring is used to form reflexology footpaths. Walking on them gives your foot a massage and stimulates neurological reflexes and acupressure points. Walking on them or standing on them also helps to reduce soreness and pain. Pebble flooring is increasingly being used in kitchens and bars and sometimes even as feature walls. They are suitable both for the indoors and the outdoors in the walkways and driveways. They are able to withstand heavy foot traffic and moisture and heat wherever they are placed.

Exotic Metallic Flooring in Your Home

An exotic effect can be created when you use metallic flooring in your home. The exotic effect is created by the metallic powder moving through the epoxy to create a lava flow effect or a pearlescent design. Metallic floors also come in pale tones with slightly raised steel effect fragments. This provides a subtlety and versatility to metallic floors by combining pales tones with raised steel effect fragments. Metallic flooring tiles also come with a raised galvanised steel look which can be quite striking. They are quite tactile too and the strip used between tiles is made of metallic silver.

Are you looking for the aesthetics of natural wood and stone floors combined with the durability and comfort of vinyl tiles? Look through luxury vinyl tiles collections that provide warm underfoot, great dimensional stability, and simple installation and upkeep. Luxury vinyl tiles are a type of modular vinyl flooring and are often designed to look like real wood or stone, but have more practical benefits than natural materials. 

Vinyl floor tiles have a high-end appearance that makes them ideal for commercial and corporate settings. They are visually striking, versatile, and simple to install, allowing creative designs to make an impact. Let’s take a look at the top advantages of luxury vinyl tiles.

It’s easy to handle

Transporting tiles around multi-story buildings is quick and simple as it comes in boxes that are small enough to be carried by one person. Moreover, it is adaptable and simple to cut at the corners or along the edges of walls for installations.

It’s durable

Since luxury vinyl tiles have a ceramic bead coating, they are scratch and scuff resistant. A fibre glass layer is sandwiched between two core sheets, resulting in a strong core with dimensional stability and flexibility.

It’s easy to update

Individual vinyl tiles can be easily lifted and replaced, allowing for quick style updates. In the event when the floor is damaged, replacement tiles are simple to install. The installation process can be done without the use of transition strips. As a result, making it easy to fit around cabinets and thresholds and allowing you to focus on your chosen design.

It offers better indoor air quality

Luxury vinyl tiles, like all of our other floors, meet the highest standards for indoor air quality. It allows very low volatile organic compound emissions, allowing you to breathe comfortably.

It’s a sustainable option

When luxury vinyl tiles are installed, there is less waste because individual tiles can be replaced rather than the entire floor being ripped up and discarded when damage occurs.

It’s bold

Mix and match different styles to create unique combinations, define the zones of the floor in open-plan spaces, and push your creativity to its limits. Don’t forget to make a statement with luxury vinyl tiles by using products that were made for each other to create beautiful style and colour combinations.

If you are checking out flooring options for your new home or you want to re-lay the flooring of your existing home, here’s good news for you.  Your choice is endless and you can pick from a variety of different types of tile flooring such as luxury vinyl tiles, pebble flooring, laminates, wood, and so on.

Pebble Flooring in Your Home

When you think of pebble flooring, you would think of the outdoors.  Pebbles on the seashore or the pathway in your garden.  It is now possible though to have pebble flooring in the interiors of your home.  It is safe and attractive and more importantly it is versatile.  You can create artistic beautiful interiors with pebble flooring.  Don’t worry about how you will clean it.  You can vacuum it as part of your daily cleaning process or steam clean it for deep cleaning.  The usual household cleansers can be used to clean out any spillages.

What Is It?

Pebble flooring is made of polished river rock and polymer binders and is available in natural colours.  Designers often request custom colours to go with their design ideas.  They are popularly used in bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, and family rooms especially because of its anti-slip properties.  In commercial establishments, it is used in showrooms, garages, unloading areas, and offices.  There is a subtle bumpiness which adds to the appeal of pebble floors.  On bare feet, you get the feeling of being on a river bed.

How You Make It

Pebbles are sorted by size, colour, and thickness after they are quarried from riversides and mountains.  They are then mesh mounted in a patented interlocked pattern to create a seamless pebble flooring or wall.  There are 3 types of pebble tiles.  In the first one, you use the natural pebbles which are not cut and are usually round in shape.  In the second type, pebbles are sliced or cut on top to allow them to lie flat and level.  The third type consists of the standing pebble tile, also called the stacked tile, wherein the pebbles are cut in half with the flat side below and the rounded side on top.

Exotic Metallic Flooring

Metallic flooring has metallic epoxy applied on it to make it look more exotic.  These floors look quite unique as the metallic powder is constantly moving through the epoxy creating new designs.  The metallic epoxy applied depends on your budget and your design specifications.  They are easy to maintain and clean.  They also have high levels of resistance making it suitable for use in high traffic areas.

The flooring in your home must be chosen with care.  The common areas such as the foyer, kitchen, mudrooms, and stairs will obviously have greater traffic than your bedrooms or formal rooms.  Floor tiles should help to give your home a sophisticated finish besides being strong and durable.

Stylish Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles is a modular vinyl flooring in which tiles are laid out individually instead of in sheets as is common for traditional vinyl flooring.  The variety is endless and today you can get tiles that look like real stone or wood.  As the name implies, these luxury vinyl tiles have a stylish look to them and is perfect for homes or in commercial environments.  They are easy to maintain, easy to install, and versatile unlike their natural counterparts.

Versatility with Luxury Vinyl Tiles

The versatility of these luxury vinyl tiles is what makes it a popular choice among designers.  They are available in a huge variety of colours, designs, and textures.  LVTs are modular and flexible and can be cut to size for corners or edges.  If you are looking to change the flooring in your home but you are constrained by your budget, luxury vinyl tiles are what you should be looking at.  You can mix and match however you like.  It will fit easily around your cabinets and wardrobes, so creating your own unique design should not be a problem.

Easily Replaceable

The biggest advantage of luxury vinyl tiles is that it is easily replaceable, so you do not have to re-lay the entire floor in case of accidents or breakages.  It is easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about spillages at house parties or get-togethers.  They are scratch proof and water resistant too, so you do not have to worry about chairs and furniture being dragged across your floor.  Its anti-slip property makes it ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

Strong and Natural Looking

Luxury vinyl tiles are made of multiple layers of PVC vinyl.  Mixing the PVC with various compounds increases its hardness.  The top layer is given an embossed finish and attempts are made to mimic the naturalness of wood or stone by providing it with grooves.  The final coat of clear vinyl and urethane further protects the tiles and gives it that highly stylish finish.  LVT tiles are thin but they are strong and with high density.  The thin profile is what makes it suitable for use when there is skirting already existing.

Flooring is an integral part of every house, but unfortunately, flooring solutions often stay limited to monotonous designs. When designing a structure, this important aspect is often ignored, even though it can make a world of difference to the aesthetics of the space. Today, you can enjoy modern options such as pond-style pebble flooring and metallic designs. These varieties can give your interiors a chic look.

Trendy options

Traditionally, pebble flooring was often reserved for outdoor use. However, with interior designers exploring trendy ideas, pebble flooring has now become a favourite! This option can be included in any area of the house. You can pick round or oval pebbles in shades ranging from beige to black. Whether you pick a round river rock design or classic flat style, your interiors will definitely have a trendy appeal. Metallic flooring is another option that you can pick for a contemporary interior look. This versatile option is custom-made according to the ambience and the colour combinations of your home. Further, epoxy solutions poured on the floors shield them against stains, grease and moisture, thereby increasing their longevity.

Easy installation

Flooring is a tedious process but pebble flooring can save you time and energy. Normally, flooring is installed in three simple steps; mixing, levelling and curing. Once you have confirmed the design, the concrete is mixed and the pebbles are added to it. This mixture is then poured and smoothened. The pebbles are levelled and pushed into the concrete with the help of a lumber. Finally, the epoxy is poured and the floor is allowed to cure based on the raw materials used. This process does not require long labour hours of cutting tiles and provides a cleaner flooring finish.

Health matters

Pebble flooring is one of the most natural and healthy flooring options that you could pick. The rocks are designed to provide an acupressure massage by stimulating the pressure points of your foot. Your designs can be custom-made to create reflexology footpaths including those that create neurological reflexes. Simply standing on these floors for specific durations of time can relieve you of soreness and foot aches. You can even have a spa-like experience by simply walking bare-foot on these floors! Apart from this, these flooring options are water resistant and prevent accidents due to wet floors. You can use metallic flooring solutions to prevent backsplashes and maintain a firm grip while walking around.

One of the fastest-growing flooring types, luxury vinyl tiles are taking over not just the hospitals and luxury hotels, but are now available for your homes too. This flooring material is very flexible with its design and has such a myriad range of options, that it is hard to deny. Be it stony or a metallic look that you want to create or even wooden, you could do all this and more with these tiles. What is more, they look as good as the real ones and are much easier to maintain.

Flexible with design

While installing wooden or stone floors can be expensive, you can get the same look and feel with luxury vinyl tiles. The advanced manufacturing techniques allows you to create any texture you want. If you are worried of the design wearing off, rest assured that it is printed on the film layer right underneath the clear wear layer. This protects your floor from any scratches that may occur.

Waterproof and low maintenance

Say you have friends come over to your place and someone accidently spills a can of juice all across your wooden floor. It would take you ages to get that stain off your floor. If you have luxury vinyl tiles, all the mess could be cleaned up with just a mop and a bit of water. That’s right, these tiles are very low on maintenance and just require a little sweeping and mopping on a regular basis. In addition, they are waterproof. They remain unaffected with the daily spills and even high volumes of water.

Comfortable and cost effective

Did you know? Luxury vinyl tiles are warmer than wood or stone. During the winters, you might find it very unpleasant to place your feet on the floor.  However, these tiles do not hurt your feet as it tends to stay warmer than its counterparts. It is also very cost effective. You get a high-end expensive finish in just half the cost. They are easy to install and very practical. They not only save cost but also your time.

Luxury vinyl tiles are extremely durable. They are an ideal choice for your home especially if you have pets, kids or a tight budget. Your design possibilities are endless and you can make it as realistic as possible. With the striking colours, patterns and textures, you are free to use your imagination and give your home that unique look, make it stand out from the rest. It is the perfect combination of style and affordability.

If you want to change your flooring but are constrained by a budget, luxury vinyl tiles are what you should be looking at.  They look and feel like real tile flooring and are as durable but they are so much easier on your pocket.

Stylish Floors With LVT

Do not compare the vinyl flooring of today with those you probably have seen in earlier days.  The luxury vinyl tiles that you get today are for those who yearn for stylish and luxurious floors that are easy to maintain and easy to clean.  They are water-resistant and are forgiving of accidental spills and stains; therefore, the best fit for homes with children and pets.  You can install this versatile flooring in your home or office to instantly up its style quotient.

Affordable Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles mimic real tiles, so don’t hesitate to re-lay your floor to get an authentic wooden floor effect.  You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the look and the effect that you crave.  They can even be installed by you by following the DIY guidelines or these tiles can be glued on as per instructions.  You can request free samples to check the suitability of the colour you have ordered.  If you choose to buy from reputed and dependable companies, you will get quick deliveries anywhere in the UK.  Terms and conditions will be displayed clearly and adhered to.

Authentic Effect With LVT

Luxury vinyl tiles are level and flat because it consists of a series of layers.  They are thicker than the ordinary vinyl tiles and therefore look better and perform better.  The thickness contributes to its realistic effect.  Its ability to look as natural as the natural product is what makes it a popular choice.  You can see it used in high traffic areas such as hospitals, auditoriums, airports, hotel lobbies, and schools.

How Are Luxury Vinyl Tiles Made?

It’s interesting to understand how your luxury vinyl tiles are made.  These tiles go through 5 different processes, the first being the process where the PVC and calcium carbonate are brought together.  During the calendaring process, heated rollers help to create smooth sheets from these 2 components.  In the lamination process, the different layers are bonded together tightly with heat and pressure.  The next process is the embossing process wherein the design is embossed onto the sheets or tiles.  During the final inspection process, it is thoroughly checked to detect any flaws or defects.

The flooring you use in your home has to be tailored to your needs and specifications.  You can go for pebble flooring or metallic flooring effect both outside and inside your house.  These tiles with a metallic or pebble effect are available in different colours to go with your home décor.

Safety with Pebble Flooring

Stone flooring is generally beautiful and gives your home a classy look.  It is also very sturdy and durable and can look good in any part of your home.  Natural stone flooring is very expensive though, which is why you have to go for alternatives.  You can opt for a pebble flooring effect if you require anti-slip floors.  It will give a bumpy effect on the floor, which ensures your feet get a grip and you will not slip and fall.  A floor with a good grip is essential in public areas where there is a lot of traffic.  It is especially beneficial for homes where there are older people.  Falls are the leading cause of mortality or injury in older people.

Easy Maintenance

If you are someone who yearns for natural stone flooring in your home but cannot afford the high cost, then luxury vinyl tiles with a pebble flooring effect from reputed companies should be a good substitute.  You can save yourself all the downsides of the maintenance of natural stone flooring.  Advanced techniques are used to give soft contouring to the pebbles and the designs are so unique and so realistic looking, you would really imagine you are standing on natural stone flooring.  The embossing is very attractively done with flint, quartz, and onyx effects.

Convenient and Practical

Practicality is something you would want when you select your flooring, whether it is a new or a renovation project.  If you like metallic floors but cannot cope with their hassles, luxury vinyl tiles with a metallic flooring effect are your best option.  Real metal flooring could rust, there is contact noise when you walk on it, and it could become really cold in the winter months.  You avoid all these disadvantages when you opt for the metallic flooring designs.  It will give a sleek industrial look if that is what you prefer.  It is also available in different colours, so coordinating it with your décor will not be a problem.

You can experiment on your new flooring with pebble flooring or metallic flooring effects.  They are sure to augment the beauty of your home while also ensuring you can manage it easily.