Flooring Defines The Aesthetics Of Your Home

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Flooring is an important aspect of the design of a home.  It influences the aesthetics of a home.  Flooring impacts the way your home feels, whether it is cozy, cool, warm, or luxurious.  A change in the flooring can also make your home feel more spacious, brighter, and airy.  Flooring also affects the acoustics in a home.  You can choose to cover your basic flooring with luxurious carpets to sink your feet in.  You can go natural and have bamboo flooring.  Your life choices and foot traffic in your home will determine the kind of flooring you should choose for your home.

Saving The Environment With Natural Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is an obvious choice for those choosing to go green.  If saving the environment and planet Earth is your priority, then this is a good choice as bamboo plants take only 4 to 7 years to grow to full height.  The forest covering can be easily replenished when you replant bamboo saplings.  Bamboo flooring is durable and scratch-resistant, which is why it is perfect for areas where the foot traffic is really heavy.  It is also moisture resistant and therefore is not affected by changes in weather.

Reasons For Popularity Of Beech Wood For Flooring

Beechwood has the reputation of being really tough wood that is able to withstand any amount of stress.  This is one of the reasons for it being used as the flooring of choice for basketball courts.  Beechwood has a smooth appearance as the grains are close, tight, and straight.  This particular type of wood is found in the mountain ranges of the Alps.  Beechwood is quite flexible and ideal for making different kinds of furniture.  It is nonporous and really durable besides being affordable.

Pros Of Using Beech Wood For Your Flooring

The colour of beech wood depends on which part of the tree is being used.  The heartwood is a warm brown with red tinges.  The sapwood can be rather light in colour, a pale white, and is perfect for use as flooring as it will go with any type of décor.  It is resistant to scratch and shock, which ensures that you do not have to constantly repair or touchup your flooring.  It also makes your home feel warm and cozy.  The tight grains and the smooth surface make it ideal for polishing.  It does not fade with sunlight exposure and it wears evenly maintaining its polish through years of use.

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