Good News About Flooring Options

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If you are checking out flooring options for your new home or you want to re-lay the flooring of your existing home, here’s good news for you.  Your choice is endless and you can pick from a variety of different types of tile flooring such as luxury vinyl tiles, pebble flooring, laminates, wood, and so on.

Pebble Flooring in Your Home

When you think of pebble flooring, you would think of the outdoors.  Pebbles on the seashore or the pathway in your garden.  It is now possible though to have pebble flooring in the interiors of your home.  It is safe and attractive and more importantly it is versatile.  You can create artistic beautiful interiors with pebble flooring.  Don’t worry about how you will clean it.  You can vacuum it as part of your daily cleaning process or steam clean it for deep cleaning.  The usual household cleansers can be used to clean out any spillages.

What Is It?

Pebble flooring is made of polished river rock and polymer binders and is available in natural colours.  Designers often request custom colours to go with their design ideas.  They are popularly used in bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, and family rooms especially because of its anti-slip properties.  In commercial establishments, it is used in showrooms, garages, unloading areas, and offices.  There is a subtle bumpiness which adds to the appeal of pebble floors.  On bare feet, you get the feeling of being on a river bed.

How You Make It

Pebbles are sorted by size, colour, and thickness after they are quarried from riversides and mountains.  They are then mesh mounted in a patented interlocked pattern to create a seamless pebble flooring or wall.  There are 3 types of pebble tiles.  In the first one, you use the natural pebbles which are not cut and are usually round in shape.  In the second type, pebbles are sliced or cut on top to allow them to lie flat and level.  The third type consists of the standing pebble tile, also called the stacked tile, wherein the pebbles are cut in half with the flat side below and the rounded side on top.

Exotic Metallic Flooring

Metallic flooring has metallic epoxy applied on it to make it look more exotic.  These floors look quite unique as the metallic powder is constantly moving through the epoxy creating new designs.  The metallic epoxy applied depends on your budget and your design specifications.  They are easy to maintain and clean.  They also have high levels of resistance making it suitable for use in high traffic areas.

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