How is Pebble Flooring Carried Out?

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Pebble flooring also termed as metallic flooring consists of an epoxy pebble flooring system with epoxy stone concrete. It resurfaces coating that is used as an epoxy concrete overlay system. It includes specially formulated UV epoxy and decorative pebbles and marbles that is coated over the existing flooring. You can apply this flooring to almost all types of surfaces including hard and soft surfaces. The coating is ideal for indoors and outdoors alike. You can get it in multiple colours and several colour combinations. Read on to know how professionals carry out pebble flooring.

First step- Power washing or grinding

Power washing is carried out in two different methods based on the type of your concrete. Power washing or pressure washing is carried out to remove paint, grime, mud and chewing gum sticking to the floor. It can be conducted on buildings and on vehicles as the mechanical pressure is ideal for such surfaces. The process is carried out by using a pressure washing surface cleaner. It rapidly cleans the surfaces by creating a uniform pattern. Grinding on the other hand is carried out if your floors are unevenly casted. It ensures that your pebble flooring gets a smooth and shiny finish.

Second step- Filling cracks

The next step conducted for metallic flooring is filling the evident cracks on your floor with a heavy duty caulking that’s water proof. It is a sealant gun that is built with thick steel catch metallic plate to enhance its longevity. Its powerful thrust ratio helps with easy dispensing while the rotating cradle on it provides flexibility and even application throughout the flooring. Some professionals also resort to removing the previous flooring by grinding it. However, this is only when the floors are bound with epoxy chemicals and needs to be redone completely.

Third step- Apply coating and seal

Once the cracks are filled, the forms will be set on the outer edges. A distinct form of adhesion is then applied to prime the concrete. Pebble flooring requires a mandatory coating of epoxy for a smooth finish. Thus, it is important to hire a professional concrete finisher for the job. This coating needs to dry for at least 10 hours before the flooring is sealed. After the coating dries up, the professional will cut joint lines throughout the surface and apply the finishing coat. This coat is a special UV epoxy that enhances the lifespan of your flooring.

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