How much time can you dedicate to cleaning?

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If you are reading this blog, the chances are that you are considering redoing the floors of your house and are faced with the age-old conundrum of light wooden flooring vs dark flooring. Let’s just say – you are not alone. Almost everyone goes through this before they finally decide on a color. Here are a few very basic pointers that could help make your choice easier.

Floors will get dirty – the degree varies depending on the occupants of the house, but dirty they will get. So, the question is, how much time do you dedicate to cleaning. If you’re looking fan and option that will not require cleaning often, you should probably consider light wooden flooring as it tends to show less dirt. However, if you simply must have a dark wood floor, go with a lighter dark color like dark walnut or Jacobean.

Hiding scratches

All wooden flooring, irrespective of the color, will scratch. So, the question really is, which one will hide scratches better in between routine maintenance? Once again, the answer to this is light wooden flooring. The only reason that dark wooden flooring throws up more scratches is because when scratched, it is usually the layer beneath the stained one that is exposed.

Have a full house with kids and pets?

If this is you, you most logical choice is, once again, light wooden flooring. For both reasons mentions above, light wood is best suited for houses with pets and kids. Scratches, pet hair, dirt – all of these and more are far less visible on a lighter floor when compared to a dark one.


Darker wood will make a space look smaller than one that has light wooden flooring. So, the question is, what is the size of the room you are considering. Of course, this is not a black and white answer. There are other factors too. E.g. the color of your walls – light colored walls make a room look bigger. Therefore, in this case, you could probably go with a dark wood flooring.

The color of flooring in your home is a very personal choice. No one can make it for you and so, you must consider all the options before you choose. You are the one who can consider all the options objectively. So, weigh all your options and make your choice accordingly.

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