Out–of- the-Box Flooring Options and Ideas

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Whether you’re remodeling your home or building your new home, here is a look at the flooring options and décor ideas for Dark Stone flooring.

Sustainable Wood Flooring

There are plenty of wood flooring options that eco -friendly and sustainable. Bamboo grows extremely quickly and it is also a durable option and wallet-friendly. Cork is harvested from the bark off a tree without having to cut it down or damage it. This makes cork flooring a low cost, sustainable option for high traffic areas. Reclaimed, reused and recycled wood adds a unique feature and character to your flooring options. Tiles are made from renewable materials and are certainly eco-friendly. Wool carpets are great for the environment because they are natural and they are sourced responsibly, hygienically and painlessly. Linseed oil is used to make linoleum flooring which is non- toxic and biodegradable. They also come in many designs and colors. Dark Stone flooring is the most durable, easily maintained and great looking.

Floor Decorating Ideas

The design of your floor or the décor must complement the room design and colors. Area rugs are great décor ideas in bedrooms, living rooms, and entertainment spaces. Since they come in all kind of shapes, sizes, and colors they are the great addition to entryways too. Area rugs don’t just warm feet, they also act as an art piece to frame a space. It is important that an area rug does not clash with the rest of the elements in the room. Floor lamps can be used to highlight certain areas or features on the floor. Their function is dual, to beautify and illuminate. Tower lamps and tripod lamps are popular because they are modern and affordable. Keep in mind that the wiring and the cords are placed away from walkways. Plastic or vintage floor fans, help to keep the area cool and also add a decorative element to the room. Fans with intricate work, metal designs or are quirky will add an interesting detail. Dark Stone flooring can be decked up using floor plants such as Ficus, Snake Plant or Lucky Bamboo that are good for health and keep the air clean. A cozy seating arrangement, floor cushions, a beanbag in attractive colors and designs are affordable ways to add décor to your flooring space.

The style and look of the floor must speak for itself and reflect the style and character of its space.

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