Reasons why pebble tiles are so popular

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Pebble flooring is a great way to bring out the earthy look of nature into your homes or commercial spaces. They come in different shapes and colors and are easy to install. Pebble tiles are a great option for your bathrooms, garage, driveways, kitchens, walls, and more. Pebble tiles bring out a rustic appeal and bring you close to nature.

Pebbles are unique

Pebble tiles come in three different types. The basic or the natural pebbles that are round and uncut, the sliced pebble tiles, which are sliced along the top so that they lie completely flat on a surface. The third being the standing pebble tiles or the stacked pebble tile. These pebbles are cut in half with the flat side on the floor and the rounded side on top. Each pebble is different in nature. Hence, having a pebble flooring will definitely give a unique look.

They are versatile

You could either choose to have a smooth finish or a rugged, rusty finish for your pebble flooring. They are available in different shapes and colors. An uneven floor coupled with the right color can bring out one of the most beautiful finishes for your bathroom floor. You could also use pebble tiles near the swimming pools or even on the kitchen walls. They don’t just add beauty but are also stain and water-resistant.

Resistant to slipping

One advantage of having pebble flooring in your shower floor or kitchens is their uneven finish. It gives your foot a solid grip, preventing you from slipping. This could help you prevent falls that lead to serious injuries.

Easy to maintain

A brush or a vacuum is all you need to clean a pebble tile. There is no special maintenance that is required. You don’t have to worry about soap or hard water building up over the tiles as their natural rounded shapes allow water to easily flow to the drains. However, make sure you use a strong adhesive while installing these tiles so that they last longer. Pebbles in general do not have an electrostatic charge and hence attract very little dust. Hence it becomes easy to clean these tiles.

Innovate with pebbles

The recent trend in pebble tiles is experimenting with different materials. One such option is to give these pebbles a metallic flooring finish. These are classy yet can give your floor a modern feel.

There are many ways in which you can use pebble tiles. They enhance beauty wherever they are placed. You could use different colors to decorate your house in different ways, making it stand out from the rest.

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