Slip Resistant Options for Your Flooring Needs

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One of the hazards of modern flooring is it becomes slippery when wet.  This is very dangerous in bathrooms and kitchens especially if you have older people living with you.  It is also not safe for you as you could slip and fall and hurt yourself badly.  If you are living alone, this could be especially dangerous.  That is why you should look for slip-resistant options for flooring in common areas such as pebble flooring.

Need for Non-Slippery Floors in Common Areas

Non slippery floors are also required in areas that are likely to get wet with rain or snow and could be hazardous to walkers.  Floors are usually slip resistant when they are dry; it is only when they get wet that it becomes dangerous.  When granite or marble are polished and used as flooring, they can be extremely slippery.  Slip resistant floors such as pebble flooring has grit surfaces which give it the traction that is required and rough, hard edges which prevent falls.  Anti-slip floor coating is another way to provide traction and provide an anti-slip surface.  Likewise, treatments applied to floor surfaces especially in public areas are very useful in preventing tripping.

What Is Pebble Flooring?

Pebble flooring is a combination of smooth surfaces with subtle bumpiness which gives it its anti-slip properties.  Pebble tiles are also known as river rock tiles.  The pebbles are sorted by size and colour and then used to make seamless pebble floors.  Pebble tiles are made by 3 methods.  Uncut and round natural pebbles are used to make tiles.  You can also use sliced pebbles so that they lie flat and level on the floor.  The third option uses larger pebbles that are stacked together with the sliced surface on the bottom and the rounded surface on top.  The biggest advantage of pebble flooring is its anti-slip and water-resistant properties.  Standing on a pebbled floor helps to reduce soreness and pain.

Beautiful Anti-Slip Metallic Floors

You can get metallic flooring in really beautiful designs that will cause your visitors to stand and gape.  They are very functional though and easy to maintain.  It is popularly used in showrooms if you want to accentuate your presence and products.  Although they may look slippery, they are actually quite firm and is an excellent option if you need anti-slip options.  Adding topcoats can add to the grip of the metallic flooring.  Metallic flooring is hygienic too and perfect for use in industrial kitchens and other places where hygiene is essential.

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