Your All-in-one Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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One of the fastest-growing flooring types, luxury vinyl tiles are taking over not just the hospitals and luxury hotels, but are now available for your homes too. This flooring material is very flexible with its design and has such a myriad range of options, that it is hard to deny. Be it stony or a metallic look that you want to create or even wooden, you could do all this and more with these tiles. What is more, they look as good as the real ones and are much easier to maintain.

Flexible with design

While installing wooden or stone floors can be expensive, you can get the same look and feel with luxury vinyl tiles. The advanced manufacturing techniques allows you to create any texture you want. If you are worried of the design wearing off, rest assured that it is printed on the film layer right underneath the clear wear layer. This protects your floor from any scratches that may occur.

Waterproof and low maintenance

Say you have friends come over to your place and someone accidently spills a can of juice all across your wooden floor. It would take you ages to get that stain off your floor. If you have luxury vinyl tiles, all the mess could be cleaned up with just a mop and a bit of water. That’s right, these tiles are very low on maintenance and just require a little sweeping and mopping on a regular basis. In addition, they are waterproof. They remain unaffected with the daily spills and even high volumes of water.

Comfortable and cost effective

Did you know? Luxury vinyl tiles are warmer than wood or stone. During the winters, you might find it very unpleasant to place your feet on the floor.  However, these tiles do not hurt your feet as it tends to stay warmer than its counterparts. It is also very cost effective. You get a high-end expensive finish in just half the cost. They are easy to install and very practical. They not only save cost but also your time.

Luxury vinyl tiles are extremely durable. They are an ideal choice for your home especially if you have pets, kids or a tight budget. Your design possibilities are endless and you can make it as realistic as possible. With the striking colours, patterns and textures, you are free to use your imagination and give your home that unique look, make it stand out from the rest. It is the perfect combination of style and affordability.

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