Your Guide to Pebble and Metallic Flooring Tiles

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In this day and age, concrete flooring, as you might know, comes in a variety of styles. Metallic and pebble flooring are the most common options among the nearly infinite choices. Because of its unique look and colour combinations, metallic flooring is a common concrete floor finish. Pebbled flooring, on the other hand, has a mix of subtle bumpiness and smooth surfaces, giving them a rustic charm and a lot of character. Let’s take a deeper look into these floor tiles so that you can choose what suits you the best.

What are pebble tiles and metallic tiles?

Pebble Tiles, also called River rock tiles, are a form of natural stone mosaic. They are normally mesh-mounted in a proprietary interlocked pattern for a smooth pebble floor. The pebbles are quarried from the source site and sorted by scale, thickness, and colour. They are commonly found on islands, mountains, and riverbanks. Metallic floors, on the other hand, have 100% solid coatings and a specially formulated epoxy with a pearlescent pigment.

Benefits of pebble floor tiles

These tiles exude simplicity and offer the room a natural feel. Apart from their visual appeal, they also have some other benefits. Showers with pebble-tiled floors have an anti-slip surface, which is a plus. The slightly rough texture aids in gaining a strong grip on the floor and avoids slipping. Moreover, these pebbles are often water-resistant, making them ideal for backsplashes or walls, where they provide a sense of consistency and flow.

Benefits of Metallic Flooring Tiles

A metallic finish can give your floor a smooth, glass-like appearance with reflective sparkle. No two floors will ever be the same because there are so many choices. To the naked eye, a finished metallic epoxy floor appears almost three-dimensional. In addition, Metallic flooring is actually less expensive than decorative or stained flooring with a concrete of longevity and sustainability. Metallic flooring has very few drawbacks, and the advantages far outweigh them.

Choose brilliant gold or brass hues metallic flooring if you’re going for glam. This gleaming finish elevates the look and feel of any room. Metallic flooring is a great way to add a modern touch to your home because of its versatility. On the other hand, Pebble flooring is highly valued for its infinitely variable style and long-lasting durability. Consider your preference and use to choose the best flooring for your home.

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